Be a Planetary School

Empower your students with experiential global citizenship-based education
to help them thrive in an interconnected world and be a part of a sustainable future.

Through live-streamed, virtual visits to countries around the world, students
will gain international & cultural awareness, an insight into the UN SDGs,
climate change education
, and the green skills required for shaping a sustainable world.

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Our Programs for K-12 Schools

Schools can choose from individual sessions, longer programs or our comprehensive annual packages.

Climate Change Education

The world’s first climate education program that takes learners to different countries to see the impact of climate change and learn about sustainability best practices.

Curriculum based sessions

Curriculum-based live, virtual sessions presented by local experts from around the planet.

Modern Foreign Languages

The world's first language learning modules that enable students to explore destinations in real time, gain cultural awareness, and practise language with locals.

World Heritage Sites

Live-streamed, virtual trips to important world heritage sites from around the globe. View All

School Trips

World’s first completely live-streamed, virtual school trips that can be experienced flexibly and cost effectively. View All

International Classroom Exchange

A live global classroom where school students from different countries and cultures can interact, exchange ideas, solve problems and learn from each other. view all

Global Issues

Free live, virtual, sessions that engage students in global issues. View All

Globe From Home for Teachers

Live-streamed, virtual resources from around the planet for teachers and school staff.