School trip to Tokyo: Destination & culture orientation tour

An orientation tour of Japan and its incredible culture.

Duration : 300 mins     Max Size : 50     Destination : Japan  

Category : Long-haul school trips     Recommended For : Schools

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Welcome to the world’s first live, interactive, virtual orientation tour of Japan for children.

This unique orientation session is designed to familiarise children with Tokyo and Japanese customs, over five 60 minute sessions spread over 5 days. On this orientation trip, children will travel around busy Tokyo by night, get insights about Sumo wrestlers, learn about the Ninja’s of feudal Japan, take part in an Origami workshop and attend a Japanese etiquettes session. Once children complete this tour, they will have a deep insight about Japan and its culture.


·       5 one hour interactive sessions which can be accessed from home or school.

·       Led by local Japanese experts and guides.

·       Includes visits around Tokyo, Japanese etiquettes, Sumo wrestlers, Ninjas & Origami workshop.

·       Flexible (can be taken year-round).

·       Costs from £50 - £75 per student (based on numbers attending)

·       Certificates for students.


Day 1: Tokyo tour by night

This evening children will go an exploration tour of Tokyo’s streets at night. They will visit Shibuya, the bustling commercial heart of Tokyo. The Shibuya station services over two million passengers a day and the crossing surrounded by its large video screens and advertisement boards is one of the world's most visually famous intersections. Walking through Tokyo’s many internal streets, children will visit local eateries and learn about Japanese cuisine.

Day 2: Japanese customs & etiquettes orientation session

An interactive orientation session on Japanese customs and etiquettes. Children will learn about Do’s and don’ts when visiting Japan.

Day 3: Learn about Sumo wrestlers

No visit to Japan can be complete without an introduction to the famed Sumo wrestlers. Visit Tokyo’s national sumo stadium and Ryogoku which has a number of Sumo stables where the wrestlers live and train. You will also visit restaurants specializing in 'chanko', the staple food of Sumo wrestlers. As part of the tour, children will walk through the Shitamachi (old town) districts of Ueno and Asakusa where children will experience the spirit of ancient Japan.

Day 4: Learn about the Ninjas of Feudal Japan

On this session children will gain an insight into the world of the legendary Ninjas who lived in feudal Japan. An instructor will teach you the art of 'shuriken' (throwing stars) and acquaint you with the Ninja’s tour.

Day 5 : Origami workshop

Paper was first invented in China around 105 A.D and brought to Japan in the sixth century by monks. Handmade paper was a luxury available to a select few and the art of Origami (paper folding) was restricted for ceremonial purposes. By the 1600’s paper folding became both recreational too. Modern day Origami combines the ancient and the new and has come to be known as an important part of Japanese culture. In today’s session, children will learn Origami from a Japanese expert and also understand its history and place in Japan.



Up to 10 students        : £75 per student
More than 20 students: £50 per student

Your Presenter

  Charly Jacob

Charly is one of the Executive Producers at Globe from Home and brings more than two decades of experience in Tourism management into creating special travel experiences.

Charly has been involved in campaigns involving the conservation of environment and is an active team member in our Responsible Tourism projects. His other interests include listening to music and driving.

How it works

This is a completely virtual tour with 5 one hour sessions spread over five days. The tour accommodates upto 50 students at a time. A minimum of 30 students are required for this trip to operate. Price per student is £50 for the whole tour. Prices shown on the site are based on the minimum required 30 attendees. For larger groups and bespoke requirements, please contact Globe From Home. You can let us know about your preferred dates and we can will organise it around them. Once you book the tour, we will send you a Zoom link which can be used by every student. Please note that you do not have to download Zoom to access the session, and only need to follow the link on the date and time confirmed. You can access the session from your mobile, laptop or desktop.

What you need

You will need a stable internet connection and a mobile device (ideally a desktop or laptop) to stream the session.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel and obtain a full refund for this session until 5 days before the date of the first session.

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