Meet the lemurs of Madagascar!

A fun and exciting session to meet the frolicking lemurs in their natural habitat.

Duration : 60 mins     Max Size : 50     Destination : Madagascar  

Category : International & Cultural Awareness     Recommended For : Schools

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For most people, if there’s one character that comes to mind from the DreamWorks movie Madagascar, it is probably the absolutely comical King Julian. For an animal that is seen nowhere else in the world, the movie piqued the interest of all those watched it, with people wanting to learn all about the monkey-like creature. Well, here’s your chance to get up and close with lemurs as we take you on a live-streamed virtual tour through a small reserve in Madagascar.

On this session, our experience local guide takes you through Lemurs’ Park, a small reserve roughly 22km from the country’s capital of Antananarivo and aims to give you a peak into Madagascar’s wildlife. You couldn’t ask for a better start than with the animal seen nowhere else in the whole world – lemurs. Lemurs are Prosimian primates, meaning they pre-existed monkeys. You can expect to see up to 9 species all left to free-roam in a habitat that has been developed to look like its natural surroundings. Most of the lemurs here have been brought by the country’s Ministry of Water and Forests, when they were confiscated as pets, ever since owning them became forbidden. Because they were domesticated earlier, most of them seem habituated to human beings and will uninhibitedly show off their antics. So keep an eye out for those frolicking creatures as they come close to you.

These lemurs are brought to this reserve to rehabilitate them before they are sent to survive in the wild. The care givers at the park often find it easier to release the offspring born at the reserve, into the forests, before their innate survival instincts are hampered. But don’t worry, you’ll still many little lemurs too following their parents.

Fans of King Julian won’t be disappointed – you’ll definitely see many a ring-tailed lemur there, along with some of the other species. This nature and wildlife-based tour is bound to excite children and adults alike.

Your Presenter

  Charly Jacob

Charly is one of the Executive Producers at Globe from Home and brings more than two decades of experience in Tourism management into creating special travel experiences.

Charly has been involved in campaigns involving the conservation of environment and is an active team member in our Responsible Tourism projects. His other interests include listening to music and driving.

How it works

This session accommodates up to 50 students at a time. Suitable for all age groups. Once you book this experience, we will send you a confirmation email with a link to join the session.  Children and teachers can log in from their individual classes or congregate in one single class/hall and access the tour via the link provided.

What you need

You will need a stable internet connection and a mobile device (ideally a desktop or laptop) to stream the session.

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You can cancel and obtain a full refund for this session until 5 days before the date of the first session.

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